Iryna Berezhko -Sumo

"I love Japan!"

Iryna Berezhko (1979, Izmail, Ukraine). Student of Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool (Rotterdam, Netherland)

 About myself:  I’m a multicultural artist, but I don’t forgot my “roots”. Because it’s basis for everything what I’m doing. Because of this I know who am I and who is a person?  This theme is a main point in my creation. Somebody says that I’m drawing illustrations of our life and have interest in social-political aspects of human being. For me it’s only one side of the reality. Using pencil and paint I try to create one new world which composed from different puzzles of our presence and past.  I explore modern materialistic suffering, mentality, aims of life and thought. Trying to understand why grow up the gap between man and humanity? And of course I study interaction of cultures. How on the basis of art- and cultural history arise the modern interaction of cultures. And how is going this process? What is the condition of the human or society passing through the process of interaction of different cultures. All it’s about my “ideology”. And if I say about my technical skills. In this case for me is interesting how I can find a middle way between sensual harmony and technical implementation of work.

Thank you Iryna! 

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Ingo Hecker

"I'm so thankful for everything you made me see, you opened up my eyes."
- Ingo Hecker

Ingo Hecker is a photographer in Germany. 

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Anna Ceeh -ABBEYROAD 2011

"…exploiting untrained under-classes to perform dangerous maintenance and clean-up work… God bless you!"

- Anna Ceeh

ANNA CEEH (RU/AT) is an artist and academic researcher working with photography, video and electronic music within the Austrian and international arts context. Honorary Mention Digital Music & Sound Art, Prix Ars Electronica 2011 for the project SONIC ZONES about electronic music scenes in post-Soviet states (with Franz Pomassl).

This her work has grown on me as the one of the my favorite art works. The visual affected me as like a bad dream in the bad dream. When I awake from the dream, I'm still in the same situation. But actually I'm not living in her picture, I'm living in reality. The clear fact somehow makes me feeling relief a bit. - Ai /Tomodachi Calling 

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Makiko Kishi -l'aube du temps

We received this text as her introduction and a message to Japan:

I am a japanese photographer leaving in Paris for 30 years. I have been the first and only japanese female among the catwalks bikers. gorilla-size photographers. My art work mixes documentary and abstract images. It is certainly influenced by japanese culture: my latest work refers the world of Noh theater. It is eerie. It’ s the land of apparitions and magic creatures, myths, the realm of the invisible that I see all around us.

I left Japan as a teenager and only had the chance to go back once so far. But I feel essentially related to this land. Like all the japanese community of expatriates, it was disheartening to attend to the tragedy without being able to help. Seeing that beautiful land being devastated. I heard many people qualifying the way Japanese were acting as dignified and exemplary. I am touched on how much people all over the world mobilized. This shows we can all unify our forces to support each others.

- Makiko Kishi

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"今こそ!たくさんの愛が必要な時です 愛のみが困難だった日を救うことができるでしょう。"
"Now! Is the time that love is required. Surely love can save our trouble days."


Milok is a men's fashion label, based in Tokyo. What Milok does best is mixing a preppy style with an ethnic accent. Their respect for each culture unfold in their creation. 

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Haruki Murakami on the Quake

We've just read the amazing acceptance speech of Haruki Murakami upon receiving the Catalunya International Price and we really have to share the link. Please read! 

"The last time I visited Barcelona was in spring two years ago. I participated in a book-signing event and was surprised at how many readers queued up to wait for my autograph. It took more than one and a half hours to sign for all of them, because many of my female readers wanted to kiss me. It all took quite some time. I’ve taken part in book-signing events in many other cities all over the world, but only in Barcelona were there women who wanted to kiss me. If only for this reason, it struck me that Barcelona was a wonderful city. I’m very glad to be back in this city, which has a rich history and a wonderful culture. But I’m sorry that today I have to talk about something more serious than kisses."



Frederike Kruse -Let's Talk!

"I'm a bird now/I'm a bird and I fly ....//slicing winds with my wings/shaping clouds into things/imaginings....//I'm a bird now and I fly/I could close my eyes and never die. "

- Frederike Kruse

She introduces herself. Like this: I write to know what I feel, paint to see a world I sense inside, I touch to know a heart that isn't mine and kiss to filter into a life of which I wish to be part. I need to share bits of me, embellish myself with pieces of you and read your face to see my own. So, I allow my breath to butterfly your lips, the tiniest sip of sips, a dot from feathery fingertips, almost enough to embrace your smile...

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