Shabd Simon-Alexander


"Sending love from across the globe, xo"

- Shabd Simon-Alexander

Shabd Simon-Alexander is an artist and designer best known for her hand-dyed clothing line, "shabd". You can find her collections on: Shabd 
We are happy to have some of tie-die at Tomodachi Calling.


We've known that ITOKEN can design something cool for Tomodachi Calling!

The Others

"Rise Above!!"

- The Others

The Others is design unit by Koichi Akiyama and Shigenobu Yamaoka.
Shigenobu‘s hometown is Sendai. 
His friend Eric Haze and The Others joined Tomodachi Calling, now!

Eric Haze


"I was so sorry to hear of the recent tragedies in Japan, and it was especially real to me because one of my best friends there is from Sendai. I am also happy to make any contribution now to the rebuilding process, creating this t-shirt and artwork to help raise money through the tomadachi calling friends network. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Japan for a safe and speedy recovery, looking towards brighter days again in the near future!"

- Eric Haze  3/2011

His work is now online at Tomodachi Calling!
You can visit his web-site : Eric Haze

Gus Malapunyala

"I am happy to collaborate with this project!  I am with you, Japan"

- Gus Malapunyala

Click his eye, you can check his work in Tomodachi calling!


For(m) Japan is the title of this work. We got the work from ORDNER with this message.

"For(m) Japan is for Japan to help Japan find back it's form. May Japan hopefully bloom again like a flower."

- ORDNER / Ralph Steinbrüchel

Thank you ORDNER!
Tomodachi Calling is running for the flower!

Maja Thunberg

"During my time in Japan I came to think that a beautiful thing about the Japanese mentality is the always knowing that nothing is everlasting. That it all has to go some time, and to make peace with that. And knowing that it's not forever makes a moment just so much more special and beautiful in its own nostalgia. I'm so thankful for everything you made me see, you opened up my eyes. So, now that terrible things are happening, things that everyone in Japan has feared and kind of waited for, for a long time, I hope my print can bring positive energy to people who have to witness this horror and sadness."
- Maja Thunberg

Maja Thunberg is a Swedish 23year-old artist: "...who still lives in her mom's basement. Haha, well, I just came back to Stockholm after two years of photographing, drawing, drinking, making good friends, studying japanese and having a few drinks and dances in Tokyo." Please stay in that basement and keep making this wonderful drawings!! 

You can find more of Maja's work here: Maja Thunberg
We are happy to have her work on Tomodachi Calling.

Diego Gravinese

Diego Gravinese is a photorealistic painter from Argentina.
Tomodachi Calling are amazed by his technique!
If you want to see more of his work, go here: Diego Gravinese

Maxence Gilliard

"Take your pen! Color your shirt! 
Make the next Japan together!"

-Maxence Gilliard 

Thank you Maxence! We can't agree more: take your pen, let's color and make Japan together. You can find more work here: Maxence Gillard
Tomodachi Calling is happy to have you joing us! 





 "I wish for a wonderful future."

- Pinkman

Ryota Saito (also known as PINKMAN) was born in 1982 in Tokorozawa prefecture, Japan. He is now living in Tokyo where he works as a painter and performance-artist. We hope you like his work! You can see more of it here: Pinkman
We are happy he joined Tomodachi Calling!

Bob Foundation

"Full of love to OUR Japan."

- Bob Foundation


Bob Foundation's Apron is here, Tomodachi Calling.
You can see their graphic design, illustlation, photography at  Bob Foundation.
They organise a paper brand called Number 62 too.

Daniel Josefsohn

Daniel Josefsohn is a photographer from Berlin and a long-year good friend of the team behind Tomodachi Calling. We are amazed that he's with us. He sent us his classic picture named "IRAN IRAK IKEA" and we love it! Thank you, Daniel Josefsohn!

Mirko Borsche

"The Day you will remember"

- Mirko Borsche

Wow! Mirko Borsche's design is now on Tomodachi Calling!
You can also visit his web-site: Bureau Mirko Borsche. You know the Zeit!?

Kosuke Hashijima

"Wear Japan. Let us stay on your heart."

- Kosuke Hashijima

We got his Artwork at Tomodachi Calling
Please visit his website: Kosuke Hashijima on the Behance Network

Max Kisman

"The complexity of simplicity is my motto. Images have a powerful effect. You can call up an idea, though or wish to control and own it or to renounce it."

- Max Kisman

Graphic designer Max Kisman is famous for his amazing poster designs, typography and illustrations. 
Can you imagine how happy we are to have his design on Tomodachi Calling

EOOS - All These Plastic Halos

"Did they mean what they whispered in the prayers to their God? Did they secretly wished that they were richer, prettier, better, happier? Like all people do..  For once I'll pray.  I'll ask the world to help the people who need it the most. To help Japan."


Thank you for your sweet words Eoos. 
We are happy to have your work on Tomodachi Calling


Bitter, sweet and the reallity - from Sendai

We found those photos at Wataru's Facebook. He and his friends came back from Sendai to Tokyo a few days ago.


Xavier Veilhan

Xavier Veilhan (1963, Lyon) is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. His work consists of photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art. He is one of the bright-shining stars of the international art-scene for several years now and we are honesty humbled by the fact that he submitted his work for our project. The TShirts are done exactly after his specifications (we received this beautiful sketch from him that we want to share here with you... see above!). Check out the shirts! They are beautiful and they are only available here, in our shop, nowhere else. 

Merci beaucoup, Xavier!

More information about Xavier Veilhan: http://www.veilhan.net/
Also check his solo-exhibition at Versailles (!!!): http://www.veilhan-versailles.com

Koji Sato


I feel proud to be Japanese upon seeing everyone helping each other.
I also thank all the people of the world.
Those in the affected area must be having a tough time, but I wish them all the best.

-Koji Sato

Thank you Koji, for these wonderful warm words. 
We are proud to have you at Tomodachi Calling
Find more of Koji Sato's work!


Jeans Team

"Go for it! Buy stuff here and people will get help!!"

- Jeans Team

Tomodachi Team is very happy Jeans Team is supporting this project to help Japan! Go for it!!
Would you like to know hear more about Jeans Team check the website: Jeans Team

Aisha Zeijpveld

Aisha zeijpveld is except for a super talented photographer, also a wonderful singer. Did you know? 
We are very happy to have her work on Tomodachi Calling!
See more work of Aisha Zeijpveld.

Gay Mormon Kissing Club

Gay Mormon Kissing Club is a band from Berlin with an awesome name! 
You can buy their t-shirt, bag, button or a lovely coffee mug at Tomodachi Calling
You can also listen music of Gay Mormon Kissing Club!

Shunsuke Umiyama




This badge shows the time the big earthquake hit. 

People who saw it will think “What is this?” or “What does this time means?”. And there will be communication to remind people what happened then. We should never forget what happened at this time and keep supporting the affected people.

I am so sorry for the people who are suffering from the earthquake and the tsunami. I am praying for the people in the Tohoku area to be happy and safe once again.

- Shunsuke Umiyama
/ MicroWorks

He is not only praying for the people, also he is doing now what he can do with his creativity.
We got his button at Tomodachi Calling
Please visit his website: MicroWorks

Nakaba Ikoma

" Be positive!  "

- Nakaba Ikoma

Tomodachi Calling released iPhone case, design by Nacrafts.
You can visit his web-site here: Nacrafts Textile


Rui Yamazaki

Rui joined Tomodachi Calling. Yes, of course she did!
Her web-site is here: kidding me


Hanayo joined Tomodachi Calling, now.
Her web-site is here: ha na YO!

The Baustudio

"One for all, all for one."

-Malin Baumann 

Beautiful Malin submitted this psycedelic design to TOMODACHI CALLING, don't stare too long for you will never come back! 
You can find more of her designs on www.thebaustudio.com


Journal from Tokyo

Friday, at the Kotatsu, a low heated table, of John Boardly (I Love Typography) where I work one day a week. We drank coffee and talked about the magazine he is putting together which is nearly ready for the printing presses. We talked about Twitter, for Twitter, according to John, is currently the most accurate medium and has an unparalleled reach. When you are creating a magazine, like he is, or you are starting your own company, what I’m currently in the process of doing, you can no longer ignore Twitter.
That’s what he said, then the earth started shaking and thousands of his books and magazines came soaring through the air. Twitter was also the first thing he uttered when the earth after what seemed to be an eternity stopped trembling and I was rolling on the floor laughing because I could no longer manage the tension and John’s first word had been “Twitter”.
From Friday three in the afternoon till four in the morning we were at a table, two cats on our laps, clinging to Al Jazeera, because CNN made a distasteful comment about Japan, earthquakes and Godzilla, and Al Jazeera’s helicopter images were more impressive. I couldn’t go home, I don’t think I would have wanted to go home. We had been terrified together, and I wanted to stay with him, feet hidden underneath a heated blanket, cats on our laps and sharing whatever thoughts vexed our minds in his apartment somewhere outside the city Yokohama.
Charlotte van Zanten


" 世界の変化に期待します。"

" I am hoping the world will change."

- Goro Nagashima (GONGON)

GONGON is one of the best Illustrator in Japan.
He is involved in Tomodachi Calling, now!
Look his web-site. He has a unique sense of humor. GON GON!

Benjamin Guedel

Benjamin Guedel joined Tomodachi Calling.
His web-site is here: Benjamin Guedel

Gunnar Bauer

" がんばれ日本 "

" Japan, Go for it "

- Gunnar Bauer

Of course, our friend Gunnar Bauer join Tomodachi Calling.
He is very good graphic & web designer. His web-site is here: gunnar bauer


Laurent Ghnassia


"always rebuild new future"

- Laurent Ghnassia

Thank you for this lovely message!
From what we heard Laurent is accept for talented, also a very charming person.

Laurent's artwork is on Tomodachi Calling.
His web-site is: La Boite

Julien Levy

My artworks have always been described as "totally hopeless". So when Naoko from Tomodachi Calling asked me to give an artwork that inspires hope, I had to think about how art, even if it's a sad, sad art, can somehow make people feel better. Then it reminded me of this Nietzsche sentence. Art is only interesting if counter-cultural, and made as something that exists apart from the so-called real world, without following any of its rules.
So now, as Japan is being hurt and torn apart, art must be seen as pure hope. Something that clears your mind from the news, the situation, and, well, the truth. Because the truth, and the world as we know it today, is a disaster. So : enjoy art. Again and again.

- Julien Levy

You can find Julien's Tote-bag at Tomodachi Calling.
His web-site is here: Julien Levy

Aukje Dekker

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable 
that we have to alter it every six months"  -Oscar Wilde

- Aukje Dekker

This Artwork now on Tomodachi Calling.
You can visit her web-site here: Aukje Dekker

Colin Schaelli

Thank you, Colin.

Tomodachi Calling has Colin's creative work!
But he is running many more interesting projects, from which this is one of our favorites: clothing in progress

Naoko Maeda

This photo was prepared as a gift for Naoko's friend & the friend's party in the first place. After the earthquake, the party changed into a charity event but, when things got worse, they  decided even to cancel the charity event. Therefore, this photo became part of our project!
We think this photo is beautiful... How about you?

This photo is on Tomodachi Calling
You can also visit her web-site: Naoko Maeda Photography

Cabine Boys

Yes! Cabine Boys are on Tomodachi Calling, too!
Cabine Boys are also the designers for Berlin Band Stereo Total as well as having collaborated with other artists such as Brigitte Fontaine, Stereolab, Electrocute, Jacno, and more... Check their web-site. We like it!: CABINE

Fehmi Baumbach

Fehmi's artwork is now on Tomodachi Calling.
Fehmi's personal works are here:  FEHMIBAUMBACH

Alexander Gelman

Yay! This is our logo, designed by Gelman!
Of course, Tomodachi Calling is selling "Original Logo Goods", too ;)
You can find Gelman's newest work here: Subtraction Records


Dag Przybilla & Herbert Druschke

Dag&Herbert for Tomodachi Calling !
Dag's web-site: DAG
Herbert's web-site: ILLUSTRATE

Simone Gilges / SimGil

 " We are crying with you! "

- Simone Gilges / SimGil

SimGil's artwork is now on Tomodachi Calling.
We got her artwork with this e-mail:

From: simone gilges
Date: 2011/3/18
Subject: foto

hallo sebastian, franz hat mir deine mails weitergeleitet, spontan ist mir jetzt dieses bild eingefallen, wenn ihr es mögt dürft ihr es benutzen. viel glück ! hört sich nach viel arbeit an, ich wünsche euch das beste,

alles gute, simone

Hi Sebastian. Franz forwarded me your mails and this picture spontaneously popped into my mind. If you guys like it, you can use it. Good luck! It looks like it's going to be a lot of work. Wishing you all the best,


Do you want to know more about Simone Gilges / SimGil?
Here is her page: Foxy Production - Artist - Simone Gilges.

Kayo Sato

" 毎日のそこがいつも今の現実なのだから "

" Because where you are every day is always the current reality "

- Kayo Sato / Artist

Kayo Sato's artwork is now on Tomodachi Calling.
You can also visit her web-site: Kayo Sato

EYE Yamatsuka


- EYE Yamatsuka / MUSICIAN

EYE was the first person to send us his artwork. 
Guess how happy we were when we found his data in our inbox!
His Artwork is now on Tomodachi Calling.

as intro for this blog

" ネットが使える状況ならぜひブログの方に参加して下さい。 
" If you are able to use the internet, please participate in our blog.
I think everyone must have lots of things they want to talk about.
Such things and feelings differ even between friends and family.
I just want to share those differences. "

/ One e-mail, Ai Kurahashi to her friend at March 21st 4:43AM