Journal from Tokyo

Friday, at the Kotatsu, a low heated table, of John Boardly (I Love Typography) where I work one day a week. We drank coffee and talked about the magazine he is putting together which is nearly ready for the printing presses. We talked about Twitter, for Twitter, according to John, is currently the most accurate medium and has an unparalleled reach. When you are creating a magazine, like he is, or you are starting your own company, what I’m currently in the process of doing, you can no longer ignore Twitter.
That’s what he said, then the earth started shaking and thousands of his books and magazines came soaring through the air. Twitter was also the first thing he uttered when the earth after what seemed to be an eternity stopped trembling and I was rolling on the floor laughing because I could no longer manage the tension and John’s first word had been “Twitter”.
From Friday three in the afternoon till four in the morning we were at a table, two cats on our laps, clinging to Al Jazeera, because CNN made a distasteful comment about Japan, earthquakes and Godzilla, and Al Jazeera’s helicopter images were more impressive. I couldn’t go home, I don’t think I would have wanted to go home. We had been terrified together, and I wanted to stay with him, feet hidden underneath a heated blanket, cats on our laps and sharing whatever thoughts vexed our minds in his apartment somewhere outside the city Yokohama.
Charlotte van Zanten

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