Julien Levy

My artworks have always been described as "totally hopeless". So when Naoko from Tomodachi Calling asked me to give an artwork that inspires hope, I had to think about how art, even if it's a sad, sad art, can somehow make people feel better. Then it reminded me of this Nietzsche sentence. Art is only interesting if counter-cultural, and made as something that exists apart from the so-called real world, without following any of its rules.
So now, as Japan is being hurt and torn apart, art must be seen as pure hope. Something that clears your mind from the news, the situation, and, well, the truth. Because the truth, and the world as we know it today, is a disaster. So : enjoy art. Again and again.

- Julien Levy

You can find Julien's Tote-bag at Tomodachi Calling.
His web-site is here: Julien Levy

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