Maja Thunberg

"During my time in Japan I came to think that a beautiful thing about the Japanese mentality is the always knowing that nothing is everlasting. That it all has to go some time, and to make peace with that. And knowing that it's not forever makes a moment just so much more special and beautiful in its own nostalgia. I'm so thankful for everything you made me see, you opened up my eyes. So, now that terrible things are happening, things that everyone in Japan has feared and kind of waited for, for a long time, I hope my print can bring positive energy to people who have to witness this horror and sadness."
- Maja Thunberg

Maja Thunberg is a Swedish 23year-old artist: "...who still lives in her mom's basement. Haha, well, I just came back to Stockholm after two years of photographing, drawing, drinking, making good friends, studying japanese and having a few drinks and dances in Tokyo." Please stay in that basement and keep making this wonderful drawings!! 

You can find more of Maja's work here: Maja Thunberg
We are happy to have her work on Tomodachi Calling.

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