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This badge shows the time the big earthquake hit. 

People who saw it will think “What is this?” or “What does this time means?”. And there will be communication to remind people what happened then. We should never forget what happened at this time and keep supporting the affected people.

I am so sorry for the people who are suffering from the earthquake and the tsunami. I am praying for the people in the Tohoku area to be happy and safe once again.

- Shunsuke Umiyama
/ MicroWorks

He is not only praying for the people, also he is doing now what he can do with his creativity.
We got his button at Tomodachi Calling
Please visit his website: MicroWorks

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Tomodachi Calling said...

in Japanese
"彼は祈ってるだけじゃなくて今彼のクリエイティヴな力で出来ることをやってる。Tomodachi Callingは彼のバトンを受け取ったよ!”

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