Simone Gilges / SimGil

 " We are crying with you! "

- Simone Gilges / SimGil

SimGil's artwork is now on Tomodachi Calling.
We got her artwork with this e-mail:

From: simone gilges
Date: 2011/3/18
Subject: foto

hallo sebastian, franz hat mir deine mails weitergeleitet, spontan ist mir jetzt dieses bild eingefallen, wenn ihr es mögt dürft ihr es benutzen. viel glück ! hört sich nach viel arbeit an, ich wünsche euch das beste,

alles gute, simone

Hi Sebastian. Franz forwarded me your mails and this picture spontaneously popped into my mind. If you guys like it, you can use it. Good luck! It looks like it's going to be a lot of work. Wishing you all the best,


Do you want to know more about Simone Gilges / SimGil?
Here is her page: Foxy Production - Artist - Simone Gilges.

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