Marie Min Berthuin -We love Japan

"Japan, we love you! Even if some of us are flyjins or shikanjin or busjin, we all love Tokyo. I am writting these sentences watching the sun rise from the 10th floor of Meguro building, where I was exactly on Friday 11th of March. Sunrise are always beautiful in Japan, and it should stay this way.  Thank you Japan for these 3 years of craziness and for these precious moment. And Domo Arigato 'arigato tomodachi' for helping and giving us the opportunity to help."

- Marie Min Berthuin

We love her self introduction. So just put on here:
"I landed 3 years ago in Tokyo, to end being creative director at Emotion asia. Japan and I it is a love story, passionated one, love & hate, but at the end it is the 3 best years of my life, riding this city. In 40 days I leave Tokyo for Shanghai, new perspectives, but I will miss my people here, this unique culture. Japan I love you, what happened is a tragedy, that only you can handle so peacefully, my admiration for this country has now no limit. "
Thank you so much. Her work is now on Tomodachi Calling.

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