Charity Auction -MOONMILK by Ryan McGinley from MÖREL BOOKS

MOONMILK by Ryan McGinley is now on Charity Auction.
Please visit our auction! >> Tomodachi Calling Charity Auction

Book is signed / autographed by Ryan McGinley.
Book is from the first edition by MOREL BOOKS.
First edition was only 1000 copies and sold out immediately.

Book was donated to the charity-project Tomodachi Calling by Aron Morel. All profits from this auction will go directly to Japanese Red Cross.

Description from MOREL BOOKS:
"Ryan McGinley and his crew explored huge underground caves, venturing into unknown territory and seeking out spectacular natural spaces - some previously undocumented.

The title, “Moonmilk”, alludes to the crystalline deposits found on the walls of many caves; it was once believed that this substance was formed by light from celestial bodies passing through rock into darkened worlds below.

The series, a departure from Ryan’s iconic images of the past, firmly places Ryan as one of the most innovative and influential artists of a generation!

Moonmilk has been deemed photobook of the year (2009) by the New York Times Magazine"


"Mörel Books is a London based independent publisher specialising in affordable limited edition art books and booklets. The books are made in close collaboration with the artist and when we first contacted Aron to help us with our charity project Tomodachi Calling, we were therefore hoping he could maybe promote our cause among the artists he got to know and send us something to print on a T-shirt. Aron instead offered us this amazing book from the first limited print-run of Moonmilk, signed by Ryan McGinley himself.

Ryan McGinley is one of the most influential and sought after photographers of a generation.

Moonmilk was shot in caves over one of his legendary summer trips.

The book is from the first edition limited to 1000 copies which went out of print in a matter of days from its release and both very collectable." 
-Charlotte / Tomodachi Calling

This is a unique opportunity for any art-buyer to bid on a very limited first edition copy of one of the most prolific contemporary artists and do something good at the same time (all profits go to Japanese Red Cross!). 

Please make this auction a success and help our cause! 
Last not least: have fun with bidding ;)

Thank you for your interest.

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