Noto Fusai

"A terrible nation that continues to release radiation...One of the reasons this happened is that we Japanese have been preoccupied with economic activity and entertainment, while being indifferent to politics and society. We cannot apologize enough to the people of the world for irretrievably polluting the air and sea, which are the irreplaceable wealth of Planet Earth. We must deeply reflect, make ourselves heard, and join together to repair this shattered society.
On the other hand we also have people who lost their homes and families on the 11th of March, who are on the brink of despair. I hope we can help them as companions all sharing the same planet. If you like any of the designs, please click on them and make use of them. Thank you."


 - 能登夫妻/Noto Fusai 

Noto-Fusai is a designer duo consisting of the two designers Noto Hirotsugu and Noto Miyo, who lauched the alternative t-shirt brand [ shikisai ] in 2005. Centering on the proposal of new products, they are pursuing the positive possibilities in every side of the contemporary society.  "Noto" is their last name. "Fu" means husband. "Sai" means wife. All together, Noto-Fusai stands for "Mr. and Mrs. Noto".  
You can buy their work at Tomodachi Calling.

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