Makiko Kishi -l'aube du temps

We received this text as her introduction and a message to Japan:

I am a japanese photographer leaving in Paris for 30 years. I have been the first and only japanese female among the catwalks bikers. gorilla-size photographers. My art work mixes documentary and abstract images. It is certainly influenced by japanese culture: my latest work refers the world of Noh theater. It is eerie. It’ s the land of apparitions and magic creatures, myths, the realm of the invisible that I see all around us.

I left Japan as a teenager and only had the chance to go back once so far. But I feel essentially related to this land. Like all the japanese community of expatriates, it was disheartening to attend to the tragedy without being able to help. Seeing that beautiful land being devastated. I heard many people qualifying the way Japanese were acting as dignified and exemplary. I am touched on how much people all over the world mobilized. This shows we can all unify our forces to support each others.

- Makiko Kishi

Thank you, Makiko. I haven't seen you yet but I have a lot of stories what I want to talk with you one day! Her work is on Tomodachi Calling now. Please visit us! -Ai / Tomodachi Calling



"今こそ!たくさんの愛が必要な時です 愛のみが困難だった日を救うことができるでしょう。"
"Now! Is the time that love is required. Surely love can save our trouble days."


Milok is a men's fashion label, based in Tokyo. What Milok does best is mixing a preppy style with an ethnic accent. Their respect for each culture unfold in their creation. 

Milok's design is now on Tomodachi Calling! Let's buy his T-shirt. Then you can wear the cool T-shirt this summer, People in Tohoku will get several money for recovering and also the designer will be happy!


Haruki Murakami on the Quake

We've just read the amazing acceptance speech of Haruki Murakami upon receiving the Catalunya International Price and we really have to share the link. Please read! 

"The last time I visited Barcelona was in spring two years ago. I participated in a book-signing event and was surprised at how many readers queued up to wait for my autograph. It took more than one and a half hours to sign for all of them, because many of my female readers wanted to kiss me. It all took quite some time. I’ve taken part in book-signing events in many other cities all over the world, but only in Barcelona were there women who wanted to kiss me. If only for this reason, it struck me that Barcelona was a wonderful city. I’m very glad to be back in this city, which has a rich history and a wonderful culture. But I’m sorry that today I have to talk about something more serious than kisses."



Frederike Kruse -Let's Talk!

"I'm a bird now/I'm a bird and I fly ....//slicing winds with my wings/shaping clouds into things/imaginings....//I'm a bird now and I fly/I could close my eyes and never die. "

- Frederike Kruse

She introduces herself. Like this: I write to know what I feel, paint to see a world I sense inside, I touch to know a heart that isn't mine and kiss to filter into a life of which I wish to be part. I need to share bits of me, embellish myself with pieces of you and read your face to see my own. So, I allow my breath to butterfly your lips, the tiniest sip of sips, a dot from feathery fingertips, almost enough to embrace your smile...

Please visit her web site. You can buy Her work and donate same time at Tomodachi Calling.


Sterre van Rossem -Let me hold your hand

"I have always thought of the balloon as a symbol for hope or desire. When I was young I would get a balloon and I would let it up in to make a wish come true. This quote from the Beatles, signals that same hope, and comfort. To hold someone's hand is to offer them support and comfort. This balloon symbols both a wish for Japan and the support it deserves."

-Sterre van Rossem

Sterre van Rossem is a young writer, storyteller and performer (with the artistic collaborative Furthur Labelz). She just published her first book with short stories in Holland, called Een smaak van liefde.
Her design is now on Tomodachi Calling.


Shantell Martin -EYE27

"Living in Tokyo, I discovered a love for collaborating with DJs, bands, and dancers... Still much more to be discoverd there!"

-Shantell Martin

Artist Shantell Martin collaborates with her surroundings, translating into glyphs, lines, recurring characters, and words the newspaper someone is reading across the way, say, or a pair of shoes walking by, a thought she had, the sky, something overheard. Her universe is flexible, multi-dimensional, surreal, a constellation of small observations that spill from one medium to the next.

Please visit our web shop. Her work is waiting for you!


Josje Van Koppen -Driftwood

"The power of nature"

- Josje Van Koppen

Josje van Koppen (1961) is a Dutch illustrator who lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her work: all kinds of illustrations with an redactional and educational content.  Has a great love and respect for the sea.... was shocked by its destructive power.  

Her work is now on Tomodachi Calling.

#2 HORS PISTES TOKYO 2011 - Workshop & Opening Party - Thank you for coming!

It was great fun day and night! Thank you for coming all! Banzai made the masks and Andrea Crews made the dresses with all in the workshop. Those works will be auction by Tomodachi Calling soon! 

Guess, how much people can be creative sincerely and enjoy it? You can see the document shots here!


Hisham Akira Bharoocha

"Since I grew up in Tokyo I feel emotionally affected by what has happened with the earthquake and tsunami and hope that this contribution will help all the people in need.  I hope this project creates awareness about the destruction of our planet, and the repercussions we must face if we keep moving forward as we have. The planet is not happy with the way we have been treating it, and it is telling us that we must make some major changes or we will only be a brief bleep in the history of the planet.  Please share any information you have on environmental issues so we can have a habitable planet for future generations to come. I am sending love to everyone who was directly affected by this catastrophe and all who have helped by buying products from this site. Your contribution will make a difference in these peoples’ lives. "

- Hisham Akira Bharoocha

Hisham Akira Bharoocha is an visual artist/musician/photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Bharoocha has had solo exhibitions of his work at D'Amelio Terras gallery (New York), Vleeshal (The Netherlands) as well as having been in numerous group exhibitions at galleries such as Deitch Projects, John Connelly Presents, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. His work has been published in Art Forum, V, i-D, Flaunt, Tokion, Studio Voice and Blend among others. Bharoocha's band Soft Circle released a new album called 'Shore Obsessed' in December 2010 on PPM.  In addition to his work as Soft Circle, Bharoocha is known for his involvement as musical director of the now-legendary 77 BOADRUM performance, a musical composition conceived by Boredoms that involved 77 drummers playing their kits in a spiral formation at Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park on July 7, 2007. Bharoocha was also the musical director for the 88 BOADRUM performances that both took place on August 8, 2008, with 88 drummers performing with Boredoms in Los Angeles and 88 drummers playing with Gang Gang Dance in New York City. Since then, Bharoocha has participated with Boredoms on all BOADRUM performances since 2007 and now performs as a current member of Boredoms and has toured the world with them.  He is also the art director for the sunglasses line Phosphorescence. 

Please visit Tomodachi Calling web shop and buy your favorite. All the profit goes to people in Tohoku via Japan Red Cross. Thank you, all.


Niky Roehreke

" I was in Tokyo when the earthquake happened. I had just received my artist visa for the US 2 days before the earthquake and therefore I went to NY the week after. Leaving Japan at that time made me feel so so useless and not knowing what I can really do to help, I kept on praying non-stop and created this illustration. Just my drawing alone cannot help, but because of 'tomodachi calling' and many other charity projects, artists like me can help too. I am so grateful for that. Thank you. Praying for Japan."

- Niky Roehreke

Niky is a  japanese/german freelance illustrator from Tokyo who is currently based in New York. Niky likes 'hands', which are a recurring motif in her work. Hands are very honest and human, and are a powerful way to convey a message that can be understood on a global level. Niky's daily routine include drawing, doodling, painting, cutting out pieces of paper and she also uploads one image per day onto her website. Thank you, Niky! Please visit Tomodachi Calling. Her work is now on the shop.



"I joined because I wanted to be able to do something.
I hope that everybody's mood can brighten even just a little,
and that normal days will return as soon as possible."


- Goma

Goma is a graphic and an accessory designer, based in Japan.
Her blog is here! (in Japanese): http://blog.hug-and-kiss.com/
Thank you, Goma. Please check her design also on Tomodachi Calling.


"Because some people kept us grounded, when hysteria deluded our brain."

- janus&jason

janus&jason is a fashion label. Driven by their wishful ambition to free women’s mind, they provokes any form of common sense in their projects. Through their enduring chemistry as well as endless struggles, their ideals come into final form shown in their basic humoristic collections of underwear & bikini’s.

Their work is now on Tomodachi Calling.


Luzian Meier -HOPE

"I hope, that always, no matter what, there will be sunshine abouve the fog."

- Luzian Meier

"Young graphic-designer from Zurich who hopes for the best to all the people who suffer" 
He introduces himself like that. But wait a minute? I found a really really interesting work on his web site. It's Cookbook, all about the poisonous fish FUGU! I love it as same as this his work. Thank you, Luzian. We haven't met each other but let's go to eating Fugu when you come to Japan next time. -Ai / Tomodachi Calling

You can see the cool binding and his works at here

PS. What? You guys don't know Fugu?  Ok, here you are

HORS PISTES TOKYO 2011 - Workshop & Opening Party

パリのポンピドゥーセンターが2006年より毎年冬に開催しているアバンギャルド・フェスティバル「HORS PISTES(オール・ピスト)」が日本に初めてやってきます。

6月4日(土)代官山のイベントスペースMでは、パリからやってきたクリエイターチームANDREA CREWSと、Tomodachi Callingが推薦する東京発のクリエイターチームBANZAIによるワークショップを開催。American Apparelを素材に、ライブで作品を制作します。さらに当日夜のオープニングパーティでは、音と映像の実験的アートを生み出す 「RDV」が空間を演出。ANDREA CREWSのMaroussiaとAnjiによるファッション・パフォーマンスと、BANZAIによるハプニング・パフォーマンスも行われます。

会期中に制作された作品は、後日Tomodachi Callingを通してオークションで販売され、利益は全て東北大震災の被災地復興のための義援金となります。

Guest of Hors Pistes 2010 in Paris, Andrea Crews proposes, for Hors Pistes Tokyo 2011, to set up a live creation workshop during which American Apparel dead stock of clothes will be transformed into delightful and original Hors Pistes Tokyo Collection with the complicity of Tomodachi Calling and BANZAI (June 4th) as well as an Andrea Crews Casting – Extreme styling! workshop, inviting the audience to dress up and mix some pieces of her collection with American Apparel basics (June 5th). The audience is invited to participate to the creating process with Maroussia, Anji and Yoruko Banzai by customizing American Apparel clothes with painting, felt-tip pens, etc…(4th), and to be a one afternoon model by trying on their favorite clothes (5th).

Tomodachi Calling will auction the best works of this workshop!

Time: June 4th 15:00-19:00
Entry: 無料/Free (どなたでも参加できます/anyone can join!)
Venue: M Event & Space Bar(代官山/Daikanyama, Tokyo)

オープニングパーティ/Opening Party 
Time: June 4th 22:30-5:00
Entry: 1,500yen | with flyer 1,000yen
M Event & Space Bar (代官山/Daikanyama, Tokyo)

ファッション・パフォーマンス/Fashion Performance:
会場のみなさん/All of you in the venue

RDV Collecif

David Dicembre (Combine)
Kiccio (Combine)
Julien Sato (MGKC)

Yasuharu Motomiya

American Apparel
Tomodachi Calling