Frederike Kruse -Let's Talk!

"I'm a bird now/I'm a bird and I fly ....//slicing winds with my wings/shaping clouds into things/imaginings....//I'm a bird now and I fly/I could close my eyes and never die. "

- Frederike Kruse

She introduces herself. Like this: I write to know what I feel, paint to see a world I sense inside, I touch to know a heart that isn't mine and kiss to filter into a life of which I wish to be part. I need to share bits of me, embellish myself with pieces of you and read your face to see my own. So, I allow my breath to butterfly your lips, the tiniest sip of sips, a dot from feathery fingertips, almost enough to embrace your smile...

Please visit her web site. You can buy Her work and donate same time at Tomodachi Calling.

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