Haruki Murakami on the Quake

We've just read the amazing acceptance speech of Haruki Murakami upon receiving the Catalunya International Price and we really have to share the link. Please read! 

"The last time I visited Barcelona was in spring two years ago. I participated in a book-signing event and was surprised at how many readers queued up to wait for my autograph. It took more than one and a half hours to sign for all of them, because many of my female readers wanted to kiss me. It all took quite some time. I’ve taken part in book-signing events in many other cities all over the world, but only in Barcelona were there women who wanted to kiss me. If only for this reason, it struck me that Barcelona was a wonderful city. I’m very glad to be back in this city, which has a rich history and a wonderful culture. But I’m sorry that today I have to talk about something more serious than kisses."


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