Makiko Kishi -l'aube du temps

We received this text as her introduction and a message to Japan:

I am a japanese photographer leaving in Paris for 30 years. I have been the first and only japanese female among the catwalks bikers. gorilla-size photographers. My art work mixes documentary and abstract images. It is certainly influenced by japanese culture: my latest work refers the world of Noh theater. It is eerie. It’ s the land of apparitions and magic creatures, myths, the realm of the invisible that I see all around us.

I left Japan as a teenager and only had the chance to go back once so far. But I feel essentially related to this land. Like all the japanese community of expatriates, it was disheartening to attend to the tragedy without being able to help. Seeing that beautiful land being devastated. I heard many people qualifying the way Japanese were acting as dignified and exemplary. I am touched on how much people all over the world mobilized. This shows we can all unify our forces to support each others.

- Makiko Kishi

Thank you, Makiko. I haven't seen you yet but I have a lot of stories what I want to talk with you one day! Her work is on Tomodachi Calling now. Please visit us! -Ai / Tomodachi Calling

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