Niky Roehreke

" I was in Tokyo when the earthquake happened. I had just received my artist visa for the US 2 days before the earthquake and therefore I went to NY the week after. Leaving Japan at that time made me feel so so useless and not knowing what I can really do to help, I kept on praying non-stop and created this illustration. Just my drawing alone cannot help, but because of 'tomodachi calling' and many other charity projects, artists like me can help too. I am so grateful for that. Thank you. Praying for Japan."

- Niky Roehreke

Niky is a  japanese/german freelance illustrator from Tokyo who is currently based in New York. Niky likes 'hands', which are a recurring motif in her work. Hands are very honest and human, and are a powerful way to convey a message that can be understood on a global level. Niky's daily routine include drawing, doodling, painting, cutting out pieces of paper and she also uploads one image per day onto her website. Thank you, Niky! Please visit Tomodachi Calling. Her work is now on the shop.

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