Anna Ceeh -ABBEYROAD 2011

"…exploiting untrained under-classes to perform dangerous maintenance and clean-up work… God bless you!"

- Anna Ceeh

ANNA CEEH (RU/AT) is an artist and academic researcher working with photography, video and electronic music within the Austrian and international arts context. Honorary Mention Digital Music & Sound Art, Prix Ars Electronica 2011 for the project SONIC ZONES about electronic music scenes in post-Soviet states (with Franz Pomassl).

This her work has grown on me as the one of the my favorite art works. The visual affected me as like a bad dream in the bad dream. When I awake from the dream, I'm still in the same situation. But actually I'm not living in her picture, I'm living in reality. The clear fact somehow makes me feeling relief a bit. - Ai /Tomodachi Calling 

Thank you, Anna. You can buy her work "ABBEYROAD 2011" on Tomodachi Calling.

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