Iryna Berezhko -Sumo

"I love Japan!"

Iryna Berezhko (1979, Izmail, Ukraine). Student of Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool (Rotterdam, Netherland)

 About myself:  I’m a multicultural artist, but I don’t forgot my “roots”. Because it’s basis for everything what I’m doing. Because of this I know who am I and who is a person?  This theme is a main point in my creation. Somebody says that I’m drawing illustrations of our life and have interest in social-political aspects of human being. For me it’s only one side of the reality. Using pencil and paint I try to create one new world which composed from different puzzles of our presence and past.  I explore modern materialistic suffering, mentality, aims of life and thought. Trying to understand why grow up the gap between man and humanity? And of course I study interaction of cultures. How on the basis of art- and cultural history arise the modern interaction of cultures. And how is going this process? What is the condition of the human or society passing through the process of interaction of different cultures. All it’s about my “ideology”. And if I say about my technical skills. In this case for me is interesting how I can find a middle way between sensual harmony and technical implementation of work.

Thank you Iryna! 

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