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MARIOS is Italian brand based in Milan. Designed by Mayo Loizou and Leszek Chmielewski. They are making so cool and nice stuff. The material, color, style... when the first time I found MARIOS's clothes at a shop in Tokyo, I thought that "I love Tokyo, what a great city for shopping!" 
- Ai Kurahashi

MARIOS's work is here, Tomodachi Calling now.

Evelin Hoehne

Evelin Hoehne is an artist from Berlin, Germany. She got widely known in the 90ies for her manga-style portraits and her amazing independent shoegazer-trash-pop-band Minitchêv (that was named after the brand-name of her czech kitchen-machine). Many thanks and greetings to you, Evelin!! Please visit to Tomodachi Calling. Evelin's work is on-line now.


Laure Stromboni - Today and Tomorrow

"My heart goes out to Japan. I wanted to create something that reflects my sadness and hope for its people"

- Laure Stromboni

Laure Stromboni is a graphic designer/ illustrator based in London. She is saying about her creation "I am interested to create work that inspires emotions in the viewer". You can find more of her beautiful works on her web site.  Of course her work is also on Tomodachi Calling.

Toni Rebollo -Being

I've always found Japan a fascinating country. As an illustrator, Japanese art has been very important for me and I hope my small contribution can help you. Best wishes to you all.

- Toni Rebollo

Toni Rebollo loves drawing. He has been drawing all his life. So, he is an illustrator now.  Thank you, Toni! How are you doing there in Ibiza? It's nice spring day, here in Tokyo.
This his work is on Tomodachi Calling.

more rock all art -Power


- more rock all art

"more rock all art" is one of the most successful illustrators in Japan. He is so mutli-talented, as if he had a split personality, adapting many different styles of legendary Japanese comic drawers and combining this with his original humor. Check out his brand new web site.
His artwork is also on sale at Tomodachi Calling!


Vicky Palmer - Scarf Snap

"I have a huge amount of love for 'J-land', I took the original photograph while I was living in Tokyo a few years back and I think its a beautiful sentiment of subtle love, sharing and taking care of one another... I think of Japan as a truely special place with equally special people who are constantly in my thoughts and prayers." 


Thank you  for your sweet message and design! 
We are very happy to have beautiful Vicky on Tomodachi Calling webshop! Pleas check her site here: Vicky Palmer

The Bling

Tomodachi Calling got featured in the may-issue of Korean magazine 'The Bling'.


Rob Judges - Angel Angel Angel Angel

"Love still stands when all else has fallen."

- Rob Judges

Rob Judges is a fine artist and DJ living in Tokyo. The primary forces of energy behind his drawings and paintings are love, liberty, humour and beauty. The words in his design were a gut reaction to the quake. In a flash of romantic fatalism, he imagined that his true love was missing and presumed deceased. When found alive and well, this is what he uttered before showering her with kisses... "Angel Angel Angel Angel Suki Suki Suki!" Now he is showering Japan with his angel kisses at Tomodachi Calling.


Niklas Goldbach

"When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice."  ~William James

- Niklas goldbach

Berlin based artist Niklas Goldbach is focusing on the dystopic aspects of the postmodern urban experience. Working between reality and fiction, Goldbach focuses on the role of the individual in an ever increasing homogenized world. We think the homogenized world is represented perfectly in this artwork, but hope we will never end up headless&careless. Disasters as these make human beings aware of their individuality and the power of empathy, don't they? We love having this work at Tomodachi Calling

Kai Suzuki

Kai Suzuki is working as a graphic designer at Sude, a graphic design company in Tokyo. He personally designed this cool rabbit only for Tomodachi Calling. If you visit Sude's web-site, you will see their wide-range sense of designs or a generational humor between this rabbit and the web-site. Thank you, Kai-kun!


George Hayashi -HOPE JAPAN-

"I wish that peace would be back in Japan very soon."

- George Hayashi

George Hayashi is a painter born in Tokyo, Japan. You can find his vivid and colorful world at here:GEORAMS of GEORGE HAYASHI. His work is also on Tomodachi Calling, now.



We have received a beautiful artwork that was submitted by a mysterious anonymous artist. The title of his or her work is "unpause". Thank you, anonymous! We love your work!

As we don't know the person there's no artist's website we could post here.  But for sure we have the link to his product-section: Anonymous

If anyone knows anything about this mysterious artist then please comment below! We would like to find out more!

Reuben Wu

We are featuring a new artwork by photographer and musician Reuben Wu! The picture is named "Firebird" and is taken from his forthcoming photo-book of photos taken in Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Reuben Wu is a photographer and DJ. He's most well-known as co-founder and synth-player of famed UK-band "Ladytron". If you don't know their music then you should listen to them now!

Here's his product line-up: Reuben Wu at Tomodachi Calling!

Please check his website: www.reubenwu.com/photography

And please also check his amazing band: www.ladytron.com

Thanks, Reu!

Asahi Shimbun

There was an article about our project at the English edition of the Japanese Newspaper Asahi Shimbun. We are super happy about the press! Thank you very much!

From the article: "The site, called "Tomodachi Calling," uses the Japanese word for "friend" to emphasize the close personal relationships that helped make it possible. 
"Basically, everyone's a tomodachi of ours, or a tomodachi of a tomodachi," Kurahashi explains. 

"Some of the contributors had exhibitions or concerts in Japan, and they learned to love Japanese people - now they want to give something back," says Mayer. 
In the first week, the trio were inundated with offers of help."

Here's the link to the full article at ASAHI SHIMBUN


Ajit Chauhan

"small gestures keep their integrity. this is incredibly small. hope it can help in some way."

Ajit Chahan is an artist from San Fransisco who gave us some of his wonderful erasure drawings. Small honest gestures make a big difference. We love his work at Tomodachi Calling.

Raoul De Jong

"From Holland with Love"

-Raoul de Jong

Raoul de Jong is a writer, musician, artist and TV maker from the Netherlands. He is currently living in Rotterdam and Milan and "27 years old." Thank you Raoul. Humor is a wonderful medicine . Tomodachi Calling.

Joji Shimamoto - love and peace

"love and peace!" - Joji Shimamoto

Joji Shimamoto is photographer, currently living in Japan. , You can hear all the noises on the street from his monochrome photography... " try express my self from photography..."
Come to Tomodachi Calling and find his works!

The Simple Society - Tsumilie

The katakana character "tsu" became a smilie-emoticon amongst internet users worldwide outside Japan. This ordinary character mistaken for a friendly smile made people happy around the world. Now it's time to send that smile back to where it came from and where it is needed the most. The message is "Dear Japan, thanks for the "tsu", we send it back to you as a smile!"

- The Simple Society

The Simple Society is a Tokyo based design office founded in 2010 by T. S. Wendelstein and Miki Kadokura in collaboration with Tom Albrecht, Vienna. Their products are now on Tomodachi Calling! Thank you so much!


LAByrinth Elaine Young

"allo? tomodachi? i just wanted to tell you that i thought of you today, and it made me smile... that's all~*"

-Elaine Young / LAByrinth

Thank you so much Elaine! She also helped to translate Chinese press release of Tomodachi Calling. Please visit her web site:LAByrinth
She is making DNA Jewelry!

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu is a photographer and DJ. He's most well-known as co-founder and synth-player of famed Liverpoodlian band "Ladytron". If you don't know their tunes then you should listen to them now! 

Please check his website: www.reubenwu.com/photography

Thanks, Reu!

Butchy Fuego

Butchy Fuego is a producer, drummer, DJ, renaissance man. He plays/played with Boredoms, M.I.A., Nite Jewel, Pit Er Pat, Aska Matsumiya, Olaibi, Lucky Dragons, Hisham Bharoocha, Matteah Baim, Rainbow Arabia, Hecuba, etc...
We are so happy that he joined Tomodachi Calling! Thank you so much!




"I made this design using paper close to hand. I hope that the people that experienced the disaster can go back to leading normal peaceful lives as soon as possible."

- sneeuw

sneeuw is a fashion brand. They've attracted people with their sophisticated and delicate designs. Thank you sneeuw!
Please visit Tomodachi Calling and check her items.


Bob Nozawa - Guo Jingjing Breaks the Sound Barrier and Rescues a Baby Seal from a Shark

"my 10 year old son just watched the coverage of one child who lost his life... we had to discuss how people will can recover and be inspired by those they lost to appreciate their own lives and to help those around them"  

- Bob Nozawa

 Bob writes as his self-description: "Bob Nozawa is a nurse who scribbles, throws paint and makes noise". We're not really getting what he means by that but we think it's funny ;)

Please check his facebook page to learn more about this amazing guy.
Now on Tomodachi Calling: Bob Nozawa!


Blonde Redhead

"Our new dream! Let Japan be the first ecologically sound country."

-Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead for Tomodachi Calling! What can I say.... Spend a whole lot of blue Mondays listening their their songs and now we sell their exclusive design!

We believe nothing better than to receive some positive energy during these unpredictable times and wish for the same here: ecologically sound Japan. 


Yoshikazu Yamagata - writtenafterwards

Yoshikazu Yamagata joined Tomodachi Calling, now! He is known the fashion designer of writtenafterwards as well as running a fashion school coconogacco.


Motohiko Hasui

"I'm thinking of you now."

- Motohiko Hasui

It is Hanami season in Tokyo to Tohoku area now! Oh, you don't know what is Hanami? It is cherry blossom party in Japanese and all people in Japan love it!!
Thank you Moto for this beautiful photography.

Check our shop Tomodachi Calling! You can buy Moto's beautiful works.
His web site is here : MOTOHIKO HASUI

Yu Komatsu

Tomodachi Calling start selling Yu Komatsu's items!
You can visit Yu Komatsu's blog : Nannohinerimonai


Jamie Rosenberg - from Sendai

We got this photo from Jamie Rosenberg. It was taken 18th March at Sendai.
Thank you, Jamie. Tomodachi Calling will keep running!


Skinni Pants

"Redbox loves Japan"

-Skinni Pants

Oh My! Is that Terry Richardson in a toilet with a Red Box in his hands? How awesome is that! Perfect photo Skinni Pants! And thank you for contributing it to Tomodachi Calling


"Fast forward to rebirth

We hope assistance reaches those affected as soon as possible
We hope the affected region recovers as soon as possible
We hope that everyone can feel secure as soon as possible
We hope that we can execute what is in our power to do as soon as possible"

-K (tiny dinosaur + Aquvi + ON ZA LINE)

Thank you K for this inspiring message! 
You can buy K's design on Tomodachi Calling.

Charbel Haber


"Japan I Love You!"

- Charbel Haber

"... and I brought you back a little piece"

I met Charbel for the first time in a basement in Beirut when he was playing the stars out of the sky with his band Scrambled Eggs. I lost my heart to Lebanon that night. When I approached him for the Tomodachi Calling project he told me he fell in love with Tokyo, when he visited in 2009 as it was a live changing experience. I can see he lost his heart to Japan in this work!   

- Charlotte 

We are very happy to have him contribute his art to Tomodachi Calling. Thank you Charbel!