Charity Auction -MOONMILK by Ryan McGinley from MÖREL BOOKS

MOONMILK by Ryan McGinley is now on Charity Auction.
Please visit our auction! >> Tomodachi Calling Charity Auction

Book is signed / autographed by Ryan McGinley.
Book is from the first edition by MOREL BOOKS.
First edition was only 1000 copies and sold out immediately.

Book was donated to the charity-project Tomodachi Calling by Aron Morel. All profits from this auction will go directly to Japanese Red Cross.

Description from MOREL BOOKS:
"Ryan McGinley and his crew explored huge underground caves, venturing into unknown territory and seeking out spectacular natural spaces - some previously undocumented.

The title, “Moonmilk”, alludes to the crystalline deposits found on the walls of many caves; it was once believed that this substance was formed by light from celestial bodies passing through rock into darkened worlds below.

The series, a departure from Ryan’s iconic images of the past, firmly places Ryan as one of the most innovative and influential artists of a generation!

Moonmilk has been deemed photobook of the year (2009) by the New York Times Magazine"


"Mörel Books is a London based independent publisher specialising in affordable limited edition art books and booklets. The books are made in close collaboration with the artist and when we first contacted Aron to help us with our charity project Tomodachi Calling, we were therefore hoping he could maybe promote our cause among the artists he got to know and send us something to print on a T-shirt. Aron instead offered us this amazing book from the first limited print-run of Moonmilk, signed by Ryan McGinley himself.

Ryan McGinley is one of the most influential and sought after photographers of a generation.

Moonmilk was shot in caves over one of his legendary summer trips.

The book is from the first edition limited to 1000 copies which went out of print in a matter of days from its release and both very collectable." 
-Charlotte / Tomodachi Calling

This is a unique opportunity for any art-buyer to bid on a very limited first edition copy of one of the most prolific contemporary artists and do something good at the same time (all profits go to Japanese Red Cross!). 

Please make this auction a success and help our cause! 
Last not least: have fun with bidding ;)

Thank you for your interest.


"enamel." is a design unit based in Tokyo designing various goods such as tableware, bags and fashion. A wide range of very nice products. Their latest collection was inspired on a chocolate. It is so cute! Please check their website.
Thank you enamel. enamel. is now on our shop: Tomodachi Calling


Marie Min Berthuin -We love Japan

"Japan, we love you! Even if some of us are flyjins or shikanjin or busjin, we all love Tokyo. I am writting these sentences watching the sun rise from the 10th floor of Meguro building, where I was exactly on Friday 11th of March. Sunrise are always beautiful in Japan, and it should stay this way.  Thank you Japan for these 3 years of craziness and for these precious moment. And Domo Arigato 'arigato tomodachi' for helping and giving us the opportunity to help."

- Marie Min Berthuin

We love her self introduction. So just put on here:
"I landed 3 years ago in Tokyo, to end being creative director at Emotion asia. Japan and I it is a love story, passionated one, love & hate, but at the end it is the 3 best years of my life, riding this city. In 40 days I leave Tokyo for Shanghai, new perspectives, but I will miss my people here, this unique culture. Japan I love you, what happened is a tragedy, that only you can handle so peacefully, my admiration for this country has now no limit. "
Thank you so much. Her work is now on Tomodachi Calling.

ro* | Rodja Galli -Stand up, Japan!

"Stand up, Japan!"

-Rodja Galli

Rodja Galli is a visual designer and also an artist in Switzerland. Especially his illustration is brilliant. It's dynamic but somehow clean and clear.  (Please check "RO* AND HIS URBAN MARTYRS" on his web site!) After the earth quake, he drew this work for Tomodachi Calling. Thank you, Ro-chan!


Cleo Campert -Phoenix Flower I, II and II


Cleo Campert is an artist/photographer of city life and student of philosophy, born and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her works are now on Tomodachi Calling!


Yusuke Kagari

"Japan had several turning point in the history such as the Meiji restoraion, the second world war and the earthquake in Tohoku.
Even if it's not a perfect way, I hope Japan revitalize in this 3rd time too."


-Yusuke Kagari

Yusuke Kagari is a bag artist based in Tokyo. His work is known for a white leather bag, painted by a wall putty. In his view, a bag is a portable and personal space.
His work is on Tomodachi Calling now!

Wataru Yoneda

Wataru Yoneda is a fashion and documentary photographer, living in Tokyo. He understood so quickly what is the porpose of Tomodachi Calling. He told us in the first e-mail, "in this case, in this project, I want to focus on good sales. Let me know your advice."  We were encouraged by his mail. Thank you, Wataru!

Aliya Naumoff

"Japan I love you. You have taught me so much and allowed me to experience your awesome culture. I know you will get back up. The cherry blossoms will grow as you will rebuild and bloom again. x"

Aliya Naumoff is a NYC based photographer. Her work has been published in NYTimes, i-D, Nylon, RollingStone, and many more publications. Aliya's love for animals and humans has led her to create art shows to benefit the ASPCA and her recent show, Show: Love, a benefit for Haiti, one year after the devastating Earthquake. Aliya's gave three of her photo's to Tomodachi Calling.


Leandro Erlic -Shattering Door

"love & strength for Japan"

-Leandro Erlic

Leandro Erlich was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1973. Since 1997, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and art biennials. 
Leandro Erlich's installations challenges our idea of reality. As an artist he is interested in how we take reality for granted because we easily assume 'that reality is something that is there, and is a fact and is unchangeable’ Instead he feels ‘that reality is something we are dealt, and the final product of what reality is, is a matter of major construction made by us.’

Leandro gave us a photo of the work “Shattering Door”.  It was shown for first time in 2009 at Luciana Brito gallery in São Paulo, Brazil. We are very happy to have some his work at Tomodachi Calling. Thank you Leanrdo! 


"Please no discussion about Patriotism etc. Japan needs and will hold together and rise cleansed like the phoenix. It's promised land if I ever saw one."


eKIND is german who lived in Tokyo and Berlin for a while. Please visit his web site. You can see the OTAKU world. It is actually very cheerful as same as his message. Thank you eKIND!
You can buy his works at Tomodachi Calling now!

Nico Perez -A Flower In The Sky

"I stand by you"

- Nico Perez

Please visit his web site:A flower in the sky
Our web shop is here: Tomodachi Calling



"let's go through your life each day."


"stof" is a fashion label based in Japan. The designer, Hiroshi Tanida, says about the concept: "Fashion should be humorous and radiacal. It is good when it is simple and a bit crazy." 

Tomodachi Calling finally starts to sale the T-shirt now. It took a long time but actually I'm exactly feeling like that "It's radical history hour" now!
-Ai Kurahashi

Andrew Jones - The Light Gleams an Instant (Papilio Ulysses)

"Although the red and white of the Hinomaru are most commonly used to represent Japan, blue is also often associated with Japan. Blue can suggest unity, stability and hope. The butterfly is a common motif in traditional Japanese patterns, family crests and other art forms, and is itself a symbol of hope and of new life:a transformation, a journey from darkness into light."

 - Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is an artist living and working in Tokyo. The original "Papilio Ulysses" is an oil painting. You can see it on his web site : Andrew Jones Art. It's very nice..  
His work is also on Tomodachi Calling now.

Kyotaro - A rabbit to see hope

"pray for Japan..."

- Kyotaro

Kyotaro is an artist from Kyoto and lives in Tokyo. Being inspired from manga and fairy tails, she has been illustrating books and doing psychedelic pictures from an early age on. She is now active in a plethora of fields, such as animation, advertisement, music, manga and art. She exhibited overseas – in NY, SA and Beijing – and domestically.
Her work "A rabbit to see hope" is now on Tomodachi Calling. Thank you, Kyotaro.

Chikara Umihara

 "Through the course of generations men brought the night into being. In the beginning were blindness and dream and thorns which gash the bare foot and fear of wolves. We shall never know who fashioned the word for the interval of darkness which divides the two half-lights. We shall never know in what century it stood for the starry spaces. Others began the myth. They made night mother of the tranquil Fates who weave all destiny and sacrificed black sheep to her and the rooster which announced her end. The Chaldeans gave her twelve houses; infinite worlds, the Stoic Portico. Latin hexameters molded her, and Pascal’s dread. Luis de León saw in her the homeland of his shivering soul. Now we feel her inexhaustible as an old wine and no one can think of her without vertigo, and time has charged her with eternity.  And to think that night would not exist without those tenuous instruments, the eyes."   Borges

-Chikara Umihara 

Chikara Umihara's photo's often seem to represent transience. Nuanced transience, small cracks, bruisings, delicate situations and lost items that will never return to their place. Fragile life might be; in Chikara's photo's it never scares, only inspirers and enlightens. Glad we have to some of his hope at Tomodachi Calling.


Robert Crumb - Self Portrait

Robert Crumb, born 1943 in Philadelphia, is an American artist, illustrator, and musician recognized for the distinctive style of his drawings and his critical, satirical, subversive view of the American mainstream. He became widely known in the 1960ies as an underground-comic-artist and as the creator of such bizarre characters as "Fritz The Cat" and "Mr. Natural". One of his most recent works is a graphical adaption of the "Book of Genesis".

Robert Crumb is without any doubt one of the most important and influential graphic artists of contemporary America and we still can not really believe that he contributed this artwork for our project. We are humbled.

Thank you, Mr Crumb!

Find our more about Robert Crumb at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Crumb
Or on his website: http://www.rcrumb.com/ 

PS: Check the mug from both sides! It's über-cool...


Thibaut Rocher - RedYolk

Thibaut Rocher is a very unique product designer. He shared an office with Tomodachi Calling members in Tokyo. His workspace was always full of tools to make prototypes! Maybe you can simulate how was the looks at here :TiWiKi DESIGN
Thibaut's "RedYolk" is now on Tomodachi Calling! Thank you, Thibaut!

Noto Fusai

"A terrible nation that continues to release radiation...One of the reasons this happened is that we Japanese have been preoccupied with economic activity and entertainment, while being indifferent to politics and society. We cannot apologize enough to the people of the world for irretrievably polluting the air and sea, which are the irreplaceable wealth of Planet Earth. We must deeply reflect, make ourselves heard, and join together to repair this shattered society.
On the other hand we also have people who lost their homes and families on the 11th of March, who are on the brink of despair. I hope we can help them as companions all sharing the same planet. If you like any of the designs, please click on them and make use of them. Thank you."


 - 能登夫妻/Noto Fusai 

Noto-Fusai is a designer duo consisting of the two designers Noto Hirotsugu and Noto Miyo, who lauched the alternative t-shirt brand [ shikisai ] in 2005. Centering on the proposal of new products, they are pursuing the positive possibilities in every side of the contemporary society.  "Noto" is their last name. "Fu" means husband. "Sai" means wife. All together, Noto-Fusai stands for "Mr. and Mrs. Noto".  
You can buy their work at Tomodachi Calling.



you enlighten me


Akwetey is a Brooklyn based artist, writer and the bandleader of  Dragons of Zynth. Together with his twin brother Aku, he  took songwriting classes at Amherst and they performed their music at venues around campus. Both eventually moved to New York City and run into TV on the Radio, who, upon hearing one of their demos, brought them into the studio to record more music. Akwetey's work deals with ideas of hope and transcendence through various mediums such his outer space music and paintings. 


Magda Banach

Magda Banach is a painter, set and costume designer who is a daughter of Polish post-war immigrants. She born in Buenos Aires and grew up in the Yungas forest of Jujuy. She studied and worked in Poland. Seduced by the puppet theater creates its own "Theatre of Objects". Actually she dedicates to the arts, both visual and performing arts. Currently her collage works are based on the relationship between "cutting and memories" using the technique of Polish tradition of "Wicinanka". For this occasion, has donated the image of her work, mixed media on canvas of the series of "Delimitation".

Please visit Tomodachi Calling! You can find her work on the shop.

Lana Daher

Lana Daher is a visual and graphic artist, living and working in Beirut. In parallel to her print portfolio, she has been exploring visual and aural media specifically in the form of sound fragments, video works and live analog image processing. Thank you, Lana! Her work is now on Tomodachi Calling.


Okosama Star

Okosama-Star is an Art Director/ Character Designer/ Graphic Designer/Illustrator from Kobe-city, Japan. He began his career as an artist while still a student at Tama University and stepped into the gaming industry in the early 90ies. In 1998, he went on to established Furi Furi Company, a creative design agency, and was its creative director for 10 years. In 2011, he launched OKOSAMA-STAR Inc.

Please check the website: http://okosama-star.com/

Michel Gondry

"Hi Tokyo? Are you ok? Are you holding up? I love Japan so much it breaks my heart. Hang in there. Lots of love."

- Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is an Academy Award winning film, commercial and music video director, screenwriter and musician. He is noted for his inventive visual style and depictions of conflicted emotions. According to the Guinness World Records, his Levi's 501 Jeans "Drugstore" spot holds the record for "Most awards won by a TV commercial".

If you want to learn more about Michel's work then please check his website: www.michelgondry.com

We are incredibly happy that Michel Gondry is contributing to our project, it's still unreal for us. Merci beaucoup, Michel!